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The Perpetual Rolemaster Beta & Creature Law?!?!

Over on the ICE forums, a new “Director’s Briefing” was recently posted. And I am simultaneously laughing my head off at it, and crying over the impending ruination and demise of one of my all-time favorite systems, Rolemaster. Read on for the details of the reasoning behind both reactions….

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Whatever happened to Rolemaster Cyradon?

I have been recently reminded about a project I worked on way back in early 2008 through most of 2009 called Rolemaster Cyradon. And I am sure folks have wondered what ever happened to it. Why ICE (which was being run by Mjolnir, LLC at the time) never published it.

Just sit right back, and I will tell you!

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That downhill slide to oblivion…

Over on the ICE forums, the following was posted this as part of the December Director’s Briefing (personally, I find calling a monthly update/newsletter by such an officious title to be a bit egotistical, or perhaps more like a little kid playing at being an adult).

The Waiting Game

One of the downsides of being a small publisher is that everything depends on freelancers – writing, artwork, maps, editing and layout. Even as far back as the original 1980s and 1990s incarnation of ICE, freelancers were contributing significantly across multiple gaming lines. The problem is that all freelancers are at the mercy of events in their lives and we’re enduring a thoroughly awful and prolonged period where multiple freelancers are taking hits. The related problem is that creative tasks do not readily allow for swapping people in and out of projects – two artists given the same topic will draw very different illustrations, writers cannot easily carry on where someone else has left off, and so forth. The software industry has had its mythical man-month issue crystallised for decades. Nevertheless on several projects, we are moving into the position where Plan B actions must shortly be executed.

Let’s take this comment apart a bit and see if we can parse out some of the meaning behind it….

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Unified Vaporware?

In October of 2012 (a little over 2 years ago), the current people ruining, err…., I mean, running ICE released Unified Rolemaster in a beta format. Well, they released 3 of the supposedly 5 core books in that month. But what has happened since then?

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Beta Blues….

I love Rolemaster. Have since I first discovered it, and I always will. Unfortunately, Rolemaster is supposedly in the midst of a revision, one that I am not sure will ever be completed, or if it is, will essentially kill Rolemaster.

Read on for more on why I think this is so..

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