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Maisie Williams on Doctor Who

The trailer for Doctor Who Series 9 was just released, and it shows the Doctor recognizing Maisie. The title of the episode that she is in is called “The Girl Who Died”.

My guess is that she is the second Jenny (the first played by the 5th Doctor’s daughter, who later married the 10th Doctor). Tune in to find out….

RMU Beta 2 – Initial Impressions

Well, it was announced, finally, that these would be released this month, and against all odds and to my immense surprise, the PDF actually were released this month. Color me gob-smacked!

Anyways, this is a ton of material to shift through and review, and that is going to take a lot of time, especially as I have many other things going on. Therefore, I thought that I would just give you my initial impressions and observations. A more in-depth analysis will have to wait until a bit later. But my initial overview and comments are below, after the break…

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RMU Impending or Imploding?

Well, the Director’s Briefing (pardon me a moment while I chuckle at the self aggrandizing pomposity of that title) for June came out with news that RMU Beta 2 would be released this month. After the jump, I will parse the actual announcement in a bit more detail because there are a few tiny tidbits in there that I find worrisome to say the least.

As I have previously said, I love Rolemaster and watching this revision process has been like watching a train wreck in super slow motion. You just cannot look away, no matter how painful it is!

Ok, just to highlight a little bit of information. The people currently in charge of ICE, have had actual control since December of 2010. This means that they have running things for 4 and half years. The RMU Beta 1 has been out since October of 2012, so for 2 and a half years (presuming that they actually release it this month).

When I wrote my RM revision, I put out 15 Playtest versions within a year. When I wrote Novus, I put out 9 Public Playtest versions in a single year. And this actually brings up some of my ire again the impending RMU Beta 2 announcement. Jump to the full article to see the text of the announcement and my comments on it.

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The Perpetual Rolemaster Beta & Creature Law?!?!

Over on the ICE forums, a new “Director’s Briefing” was recently posted. And I am simultaneously laughing my head off at it, and crying over the impending ruination and demise of one of my all-time favorite systems, Rolemaster. Read on for the details of the reasoning behind both reactions….

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Whatever happened to Rolemaster Cyradon?

I have been recently reminded about a project I worked on way back in early 2008 through most of 2009 called Rolemaster Cyradon. And I am sure folks have wondered what ever happened to it. Why ICE (which was being run by Mjolnir, LLC at the time) never published it.

Just sit right back, and I will tell you!

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