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Unified Vaporware?

In October of 2012 (a little over 2 years ago), the current people ruining, err…., I mean, running ICE released Unified Rolemaster in a beta format. Well, they released 3 of the supposedly 5 core books in that month. But what has happened since then?

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Beta Blues….

I love Rolemaster. Have since I first discovered it, and I always will. Unfortunately, Rolemaster is supposedly in the midst of a revision, one that I am not sure will ever be completed, or if it is, will essentially kill Rolemaster.

Read on for more on why I think this is so..

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HARP version 0.1

I was recently looking through some old files when I ran across my first draft manuscript for HARP (High Adventure Role Playing), a game that I wrote for Iron Crown Enterprises, and also the first full game that I wrote.

What most folks do not realize is that the game that was released was very very different from this first draft. I figured that it would be neat to show off some of those differences, and perhaps explain some of the evolution….

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Curry Tuna

One of my all time favorite dishes is called Curry Tuna. And I was thinking that now would be a good time to show folks how to make it.

It is a relatively simple and easy to make dish, that is also relatively inexpensive as well. Continue on to find the list of ingredients, as well as a small gallery of images that cover how it is made.

One of the great things about Curry Tuna is that it may be used as either the main course, or as a side dish. You may also substitute about 1 pound of pre-cooked chicken (either chopped small or shredded) for the tuna.

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New Job & Other Updates

It has been a while since I have posted my last update about what is going with me, so I figured I would talk about what has been going on with me recently.

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