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My Cats

We own 3 cats. We got all three at the same time, about 5-6 years ago while we were living in Charlottesvill, Va. My son wanted a kitten of his own, so we went over to the nearby Vet office where a lady who did animal rescues would display some of the animals she rescued for adoption.

Well, when we went over to look, there were 3 kittens in box. My wife liked one, and my son liked one, and I just couldn’t leave the other little guy in there all by himself. So we ended up getting all three kittens.

Each one has their own unique personality and habits and in fact, all three are curled up asleep near my desk as I write this.


PDC_0022Rascal is my boy. When I first saw him, he and Bandit were on top of this structure in the pen, trying to get our attention, and Rascal was the smaller of the two. And Rascal was trying to push Bandit off the structure so that he could get all of the attention.

Rascal currently weighs about 16 lbs, and he is solid muscle. He is something like a cross between a bulldog and a rabbit (he has huge back feet).

He believes that my bed belongs to him, and his favorite pastime is to lay on my bed and sleep (and he insists that the bed be made!!)

When he wants in, he will go down to the door and meow to get my attention, and as I get close, he will reach up for the door knob. I am sure that if he had an thumb, that he wouldn’t need me to open the door for him.

Rascal can also spell and tell time. In one place we lived, right after moving back to Georgia, I would go to the bedroom to watch a certain news program every night at 7 PM. Rascal would often be there before I was, waiting on me.

Also, my wife likes to take naps, and she would say “I am going to take a nap”, and Rascal would be off like a shot to the bedroom door. So, she took to spelling out the word nap, and now that doesn’t work either, as he knows that n-a-p spells nap, and will head for the bedroom if he hears us spelling it.


PDC_0023Bandit is the kitten that my wife picked for herself. He currently weighs about 12 lbs, but looks much much bigger because he is a huge ball of fluff and fur.

The pic to the left is a couple of years old, and he is even fluffier now than he was in that pic. When we moved from Charlottesville back to the Rome area, Bandit didn’t take the move very well, and lost almost all of the (long fluffy) fur on his back half, leaving him looking somewhat like a lion, with a furry mane around his head and neck.

Bandit seems to think that he is human. When he was still a kitten, his favorite thing was to be held like a human baby (on his back, with his ead in the crook of my arm and his body along the length of my arm). He still likes it, but is usually too big to be held like that for long.

He has taken up laying on his back, on his own, and then wriggling around to get attention and try to get somebody to come pet him. He will also often sleep on his back as well.


PDC_0024Coco belongs to my son. He wanted her because she reminded him of a cat he used to own when he was much smaller (around 5 years old).

She and Rascal are from the same litter, and they are about a month younger than Bandit.

She thinks that she is the queen of all she surveys. She is also a pretty large cat, weighing in at around 16 lbs. However, if you call her fat, she will get miffed at you and give you the cold shoulder (pointedly ignoring you).

She is also very very spoiled. We use one of those feeder dishes where you fill up the reservoir and they are supposed to pull the food out when they want more (into the catch tray at the bottom). She refuses to do that. If that catch tray sits untended for half a day, or if it starts getting empty, she will come, get in your face and start meowing until you get up, and go shake the dish (thus shaking food down into the tray).

She also hates to be man-handled, except by my son. Anybody else picks her up and she will try to escape, but for him, she will let him hold her and flip her about and whatever. Also, if he is sitting where she can get to him, she will often come along the back of the sofa or love seat and start cleaning his hair for him.

She will let me pet her when I go past, but that is mostly because I am the one home all day, so I am the one to whom she makes her food dish demand. My wife, on the other hand, isn’t even allowed to pet her. Coco will try to avoid being petted by her is she can (unless she is an extremely good mood).