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Whatever happened to Rolemaster Cyradon?

I have been recently reminded about a project I worked on way back in early 2008 through most of 2009 called Rolemaster Cyradon. And I am sure folks have wondered what ever happened to it. Why ICE (which was being run by Mjolnir, LLC at the time) never published it. Just sit right back, and I […] […]

What my Rolemaster revision looked like… (part 4)

And for the final installment, I go over the Creatures & Treasures chapter. There isn’t a lot of new or ground breaking material here. This is essentially given so that GMs can run the game using this core book. It is expected that they will eventually want more monsters, but the core rules needed to […] […]

What my Rolemaster revision looked like… (part 3)

Okay, for this next installment, I am starting off with the Magic chapter. While I made a number of changes to the magic rules in the Revision that I wrote, I feel that I did keep the overall feel pretty much the same. Magic I start off with a description of the three realms. Each description also […] […]

What my Rolemaster revision looked like… (part 2)

Okay, the first portion of this series of articles left off after talking about Skills, Training Packages and Gifts. So this time, we will pick up talking about equipment, and the move on from there. Note: I forgot to mention this previously, but many bits and pieces found within the revision that I wrote actually […] […]

What my Rolemaster revision looked like… (part 1)

Over on, it was recently revealed that prior to the company that I used to work for losing the ICE/Rolemaster license, that I had developed and written a Rolemaster Revision. I was about to turn it into the company for release as an Open Beta, to get some final, more widespread playtesting done before […] […]