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Revision Musings

Back in 2008 and even earlier, I wrote up a series of Musings about revising Rolemaster. Now, near the end of 2009, I feel that I have a better handle on what I would actually like to do in that revision. Thus this new collection of pages dedicated to these new musings.

Addendum (7/2/2012)

I have recently noted a number of people visiting this page. Please note that the date of these articles in in October of 2009. I had recently finished the manuscript for RM Cyradon, and was back to thinking about revisions while waiting on feedback from some people.

Considering that I have publicly stated that I had put nearly 3 years into the RM Revision that I wrote, there are some discrepancies. However, they are easily explained. Everything I say up above about Mjolnir/ICE not planning a revision is accurate.

I had also just finished RM Cyradon (2+ years of work) and shortly after writing these musings, I found out we weren’t going to be allowed to release RM Cyradon because “it would make another version of RM” (as the basckstabbing whiners who went behind Mjolnir’s back to John Seal told him), regardless of the fact that I spent 2 years publicly telling people that I would be changing the rules to fit the setting, not the other way around…

Anyways, it took me a couple of months, but I convinced Seal to allow me to use RM Cyradon as the basis for a Revision, and then once that revision was released, RM Cyradon would then be fully compatible with it, and not “another version”. Unfortunately, that revision never got published either, thanks to more interference from idiots…